News Item: Promise Indiana Jay
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Monday 29 March 2021 - 17:08:58

 Promise Indiana Jay is a program to encourage all Jay County youth to continue their education beyond high school. It provides a 529 College Savings plan to each Jay County student entering Kindergarten. Reseach shows that children who have a college savings plan in their name are over seven times more likely to go to college and over four times more likely to graduate! This program plants seeds of hope for every Jay County student and provides education and enouragement for them and their families to continue on the path toward a post-secondary education. 

The Portland Foundation is a proud community partner in the Promise Indiana Jay program, but we cannot do this alone - we need Champions! Champions are people in the community who support the mission of the Promise Indiana Jay and believe that every child deserves a chance at education. We encourage anyone who is able to become a Champion for a child or a classroom today! 

To learn more about Promise Indiana Jay and becoming a Champion, click here. To download The Promise enrollment form for a CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan, click here.  

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