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Women's Giving Circle

Doing together what none of us could do alone.

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What is the Women's Giving Circle?

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The mission of The Portland Foundation Women’s Giving Circle is to build a community of women philanthropists through the pooling of knowledge and resources for the purpose of providing grants to Jay County organizations and initiatives that address mutually agreeable issues.


The Women’s Giving Circle is a donor/advisory group sponsored by The Portland Foundation. The Circle utilizes two Foundation component funds:
  • The Women’s Endowment Fund—a long-term source of funding that follows the Foundation’s current policy of 5% of the value being available each year for grants.
  • The Women’s Giving Circle Fund—a pass-through fund with the entire balance available each year for grants. All membership dues and gifts to the Circle will be split between the Endowment (75%) and the Circle (25%).
The Circle explores needs in the county, chooses an area of focus, invites grant applications, and recommends to the Foundation Board of Trustees which grants should be awarded from the above funds. The focus area for 2020-2021 is programs that benefit children affected by substance abuse. Gifts, which are tax deductible, should be payable to The Portland Foundation, marked for the Giving Circle, and mailed or delivered to the Foundation office.

Women's Giving Circle Meetings & Officers

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2021 Meeting Dates



Date is TBD

2021 Officers

Jane Ann RunyonPresident
Linda KennedyVice President
Dian SmithTreasurer/Secretary
Julia SchwomeyerImmediate Past President

Women's Giving Circle Grant

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The 2021 Women's Giving Circle Grant Application will be available in May at the link listed on the Portland Foundation homepage, under "Applications and Deadlines".  

The deadline for grant application will be July 16, 2021 by 5:00 p.m.

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