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50TH Anniversary Administrative Fund
1776 Endowment Fund for Emergency Services


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Albert & Donna Abromson Scholarship
James & Marian Abromson Memorial Trust
James & Marian Abromson Endowment for the Arts
Abromson – Fleming Memorial Trust
ACRES, Inc. Endowment
Administrative Endowment
Matt Aker Scholarship Fund
Michael A. Alig Jay County FFA Memorial Scholarship Fund
Alpha Associate Tri-Kappa Scholarship
Altrusa Club Scholarship
Robert M. Anderson Trust Scholarship
Anonymous Charitable Trust
Anonymous Scholarship
Janet B. Arnold Memorial Scholarship Fund
Arts Place Inc. Endowment
Asbury United Methodist Church Endowment
Russell, Ruth, & Richard Ashton


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Dr. Ara C. & Gay B. Badders Scholarship
Ruth Whipple Badders Scholarship Endowment Fund
Ferd & Miriam Badt Scholarship Trust
Kelly & Margaret Baggs Endowment
Charles Baird Scholarship Trust
Charles A. Baird Trust
James & Florence Baldwin Scholarship
Charles & Helen Barrenbrugge Arts Place Building Fund
Charles & Helen Barrenbrugge Jay County Boys Club Building Fund
Charles & Helen Barrenbrugge Memorial General Charitable Trust
Paul & Velma Beard Memorial
Roberta Kay Beard Memorial Scholarship
Howard C. Berry Vocational Scholarship Trust
Arnold & Eugenia Beumer Scholarship Fund
Jeff & Eileen Bickel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carl Bimel Fund
Blaine United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund
Board of Trustees Endowment

Bollenbacher & Associates, LLC Endowment

Pete Brewster Donor Advised Fund
Eric Bricker Memorial Scholarship
John F. & Dr. Carole J. Brigham Fund
Bryant Area Community Center Endowment
Bryant High School Scholarship Fund
William Bynum Memorial Fund


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Lawrence H. & Mary Jane Calhoun Memorial Fund
Alwyn A. Carder Historical Fund
Alwyn A. Carder Scholarship Fund
Earl Cartwright Memorial Scholarship Trust
Tom Casey Immaculate Concept Church Children’s Fund
Tom Casey Jay County Civic Theatre Memorial Scholarship
Tom Casey Memorial Scholarship
John L. Chitwood Scholarship Trust
Church Women United of Jay County Scholarship
Cincinnatus League Fund
Joe Scott Clark Memorial Scholarship
Jack Cole Fund For Volunteers Endowment
Community Enhancement Endowment
Community Seasonal Decoration Endowment
Orda Graves Cook Scholarship
Kristan Danae Corwin Memorial Scholarship

Seth L. Corwin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert & Kathleen Cue Endowment Fund

James L. & Claudia A. Cull and Bill J. & Mary C. Davis Endowment Fund


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Marseal T. DeWeerd Estate Memorial Scholarship

Sharon Dues Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dunkirk Endowment
Dunkirk Scout Cabin Endowment


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East Central Opportunities, Inc. Scholarship Fund

Della E. Elberson Scholarship
Tyrus Ellingwood Memorial Scholarship


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Felts-Hanlin Scholarship Fund

Russell and Mary Jane Figert Scholarship Fund
First Bank of Berne Scholarship Fund

Ted C. and Alma M. Fleming Endowment Fund
Phil & Linda Frantz Family Endowment Fund
Freedom Park Endowment
Myron Freeman Endowment for JC Boy Scouts

Ron and Lonette Freeman Family Endowment Fund
Friends of Jay County Agriculture Endowment
Friends of Jay County Agriculture Fund
Friends of the Salamonia School/Park Endowment
Fugiett Construction Systems, Inc. Scholarship
Fund For A More Attractive Community


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Dr. Kathleen A. Galbraith Memorial Education Scholarship
Edith Gaunt Memorial Scholarship
Charles W.Geeting Memorial
Clyde E. Geeting Memorial
General Memorial Fund
General Unrestricted Fund
Bernice Gibble Memorial Teacher Scholarship
Crystal R. & Patricia A. Gibson Scholarship
Gary P. Gibson Fund for Jay County Boy Scouts

Mary Helen North Gildersleeve Scholarship Fund 
Robert M. & Frances O. Gillespie Educational Fund
Eugene M. & Jane Anne Gillum Endowment Fund
Glass Museum of Dunkirk Endowment
Peggy Glentzer Memorial Scholarship
Eva Moore Gordon & Ernest Moore Scholarship Trust
Gov. I.P. Gray Alumni Scholarship Fund
Ralph & Bertha Green and Tony & Helen Saffer Fund for the Elderly
Bertha & Ralph Green-Helen & Tony Saffer Memorial Trust


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Jeannie Habegger Scholarship
Habitat for Humanity of Jay Co, Inc. Endowment
Donald A. Hall Memorial Trust
Donald A. & Vadia M. Hall Fund
Lee G. & Corinne F. Hall Fund
Lee G. & Linda L. Hall Endowment for the Arts
Weldon L. & Dorothy H. Hamma Scholarship
Mel & Evelyn Hanlin Fund for Animals
Harold R. & Kiku Hardwick Fund for Animals

Gladys G. Hardy Scholarship Fund
James E. Hardy Portland Panther Scholarship
Margaret & John Hardy, Jr. Fund
John J. & Nancy S. Hawkins Memorial Endowment
Morton S. Hawkins Community Trust
Edward M. Haynes Memorial Scholarship

Haynes-Starbuck Scholarship II

Larry & Maria Hiatt Endowment Fund
Wayne W. & Marguerite M. Hinkle Scholarship

Joyce A. Horn Scholarship Fund
Barry & Elizabeth Hudson Family Fund
Elizabeth Hudson Endowment
William & Ruby Hudson Endowment
Zackery W. Hummer Memorial Fund
Tom Hunt Endowment for the Arts


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Inman Family Endowment
Inman-Myers Scholarship Trust
Frank A. Inman Mem Scholarship


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James B. Jaqua Endowment Fund
Jean Leslie Jaqua Fund
John J. & Grace R. Jaqua Endowment
Jay Community Center Endowment
Jay County Cancer Society Endowment
Jay County Christian Academy Endowment
Jay County High School Alumni Assoc. Scholarship
Jay County AIDS Task Force, Inc. Scholarship
Jay County Association for Crippled Child./Adults Memorial
Jay County Community Center – Zelma Bailey Endowment
Jay County Community Center, Inc. Endowment
Jay County Fair Association Inc. Endowment
Jay County Fourth of July Committee, Inc. Endowment
Jay County French Connection Club Scholarship
Jay County 4-H General Endowment
Jay County Genealogy Society Endowment
Jay County Historical Society Endowment
Jay County Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

Jay County Humane Society Endowment Fund
Jay County Pee Wee Football Endowment
Jay County Public Library Endowment
Jay County Public Library Second Century Fund
Jay County Scout Cabin Endowment
Jay County Scout Facilities, Inc Endowment
Jayland Rescue Mission Endowment
Jay Lodge #87 F&A Masons & F. Edward & Marcelle Smith Scholarship
Jay-Randolph Developmental Services, Inc. Endowment
JRDS Ann Goodrich Endowment

Jay-Sea Scholarship Fund
Clarence Jelleff Scholarship Trust
John Jay Center For Learning Scholarship Fund
Charles & Ruth Joos Fund
Charles & Ruth Joos Scholarship Fund
F. Dale Jordan Scholarship

Juan Pablo Heart and Attitude Scholarship Fund
Raymond & Vesta Juillerat Memorial Fund


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Knights of Pythias Red Cross # 88 Scholarship


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Melissa D. ”Missy” Lee Memorial Scholarship

Legacy 2001 Scholarship Fund
Bob W. & Frances M. Leggett Endowment
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Limberlost Cemetery Assoc.
Limberlost Swamp Remembered

Fred Lingo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ernest & Martha Loy Memorial Scholarship
James E. Luginbill Memorial Scholarship
Jim & Jean Luginbill Endowment


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MDJ Donor Advised Fund
Madison High School Alumni Scholarship
MainSource Bank Endowment Fund
J. Murl & Opal (Smith) May Memorial
Dr. Glade A. & Joyce H. McAfee Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert & Helen McCreery Scholarship
Elizabeth R. McCurdy Memorial Scholarship
John & Imelda McKeown Scholarship Trust
Ray C. & Patricia S. McKinley Memorial
Ray & Samaria Jay McKinley Scholarship
Meeker Family Endowment
Meridian Services Endowment
Meshberger Brothers Stone Corp. Fund
Meshberger Bros Stone Corp. Scholarship
David Brent Miller Fund for Jay County Boys and Girls Clubs
Madonna Miller Scholarship Fund
Robert M. & Ruth I. Miller Scholarship
Maude Moran Scholarship Trust
Dr. Bob Morrison Memorial Swim Fund
Christine Morrow Honorary Scholarship
Greg & Marianne Moser Family Fund
Moser Family Memorial Trust
Ashley Muhlenkamp 4-H Memorial Scholarship
Museum of the Soldier Endowment
George E. Myron Memorial Scholarship
Stephen Myron 4-H Supreme Achiever Scholarship


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Naas Family Charitable Trust
Maxwell N. & Cornelia S. Naas Trust
Maxwell N. & Cornelia S. Naas for the Arts
Max N. & Cornelia S. Naas for the Boys Club
National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture, Inc. Endowment Fund
New Corydon Sports Club Fund


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Catherine Ochs Trust
Dorothy O’Brien Gegenheimer Odle Scholarship
C. W. Oehler Memorial Scholarship
Old White Oak Cemetery Fund


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Patriots Remembered Fund

Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund
Gladys T. Pearson Memorial
Pennville Church of Christ Scholarship Fund
Pennville Community Center Endowment
Pennville Endowment
Peterson Charitable Gift Annuity

Jacquin S. Peterson Memorial Fund

James E. Peterson Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund
Jerry R. Pierce Memorial Endowment for the Arts
Jerry R. Pierce Memorial Scholarship
Randy O. Poole Memorial Scholarship
Portland Endowment
Portland Lions Club Scholarship
Portland Evening Optimist Club Endowment

Portland Monthly Meeting of Friends Endowment Fund
Portland Morning Optimist Club Endowment
Portland Parks Endowment
Portland Rotary Foundation Endowment
Portland Vocational Women’s Club Scholarship Trust
Eunice R. Pray Memorial Scholarship
Pregnancy Care Center of Jay County Endowment Fund

Earl G., Genevra J., and Glen E. Pyle Endowment Fund


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Robert Quadrozzi Memorial Scholarship Fund


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Lydia Naas Raunecker Charitable Trust
Redkey Community Center Endowment
Sheri & Nicholas Reinhart Scholarship

Betty Lavon Grace Rigby Scholarship Fund
Linda Ripley & Ann Goodrich Memorial Fund
Hugh N. Ronald, Jr. Memorial Trust
Hugh N. & Sara E. Ronald Endowment for the Arts
Sara Haynes Ronald Fund
Kris A. Rose (Wonderwoman) Memorial Scholarship


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Stephen Sain, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

SDP Manufacturing, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Helen M. (Spahr) Schafer Memorial for JRDS
Ruth Starlin Schafer for Aspiring Artists
Vecil Bookout Schlechty Memorial Scholarship Trust
Catherine M. & Donald A. Schramm Scholarship
Harold E. & Maxine E. Schutz Memorial Scholarship
George S. & Sallie M. Schwartz Scholarship Trust
Millard J. & Mary F. (Betty) Schwartz Endowment
Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, Inc. Fund

Donald E. Selvey Memorial Scholarship

Don Selvey Scholarship II
Paul B. & Ruth Schumaker Shimp Scholarship
Raymond & Mary L. Shreeve Scholarship Trust

Judith A. Sipe Endowment Fund
F. Edward & Marcelle Young Smith Scholarship
James H. Smith Memorial Scholarship Trust
Helen P. Spahr Memorial Scholarship

Spirit of Community Fund
Christopher Spradling Memorial Scholarship
Darla Stafford Endowment Fund

Elizabeth A. Starbuck Arts Place Fund

Elizabeth A. Starbuck Endowment

Elizabeth A. Starbuck Fund for the Elderly

Elizabeth A. Starbuck Jay County Hospital Foundation Fund

Elizabeth A. Starbuck Jay-Randolph Developmental Services Fund

Elizabeth A. Starbuck John Jay Center for Learning Fund

Elizabeth A. Starbuck Scholarship II
Starbuck Endowment Scholarship
Julia Magill Starbuck Memorial
Margie Nesbitt Steffy Memorial Scholarship
Georgetta Strait Memorial Scholarship
Stratton Antioch Cemetery Memorial

Ralph Denver Stroud & Helen Stroud Endowment Fund

Study Charitable Gift Annuity
Bud & Florence (Limbert) Study Endowment

June Shawver Study Endowment Fund
Fred M. Stultz Endowment Fund
Wm. R. Sudhoff Memorial Scholarship
Joseph T. & Marlene A. (Frahm) Suhr Fund
Walter A. Suman Fund


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Everett and Lisabeth Hiatt Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund

Richard A. Taylor, M.D. Memorial Fund

Orla L. and Ruth E. Tharp Educational Fund
Ethel Marie Schumaker Thenis Memorial Scholarship
Glen & Martina Theurer Endowment
Virgil B. & Josephine H. Thomas Educational
Virgil B. & Josephine H. Thomas Memorial
Katherine L. Timmonds Fund


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United Way of JC Inc. Endowment


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Justin Valentine Holy Trinity Catholic Church Scholarship Fund

Norm Vinson Scholarship Fund
Joseph F. Vormohr Memorial Fund


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Mike Walters Student Athlete Scholarship
Lou Wasmuth Memorial
Elda Mae (Winger) Weaver Scholarship
Warren Wyatt Wells Memorial Scholarship
Westchester Cemetery Fund
Westchester United Methodist Church Scholarship
West Jay Community Center Endowment
John F. Wible Memorial Fund
Barb Wilkinson Memorial Fund
J. A. Williams - O. Easterday Trust
Phyllis M. Badders Williams Fund
A. Iona Williamson Scholarships Trust
Zachary Allen Wolford 4-H Memorial Scholarship
Women’s Endowment Fund
Women’s Giving Circle


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Young Family Trust

Yoth for Christ Endowment Fund
Youth Service Bureau of JC Inc. Endowment


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Edward A. & Orpha M. Zearbaugh Memorial Endowment Fund
Margo Zielinski Memorial Scholarship
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Endowment

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