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Grants & Scholarship Opportunites

Applying for Grants

The Portland Foundation encourages requests from any new or existing charitable organization or community agency in Jay County. Grant proposals must have direct relevance to Jay County charitable needs.

Areas the Foundation wants to support are:

Generally, the Foundation does not support:

Requests are reviewed and voted on twice a year. Deadline dates are typically in January and July and are announced in the local media.

Applying for Scholarships

Students from across Jay County are given the opportunity to learn at an institution of higher education through scholarship funds established at The Portland Foundation by generous donors. Applications for Jay County High School seniors are due annually in February. The Foundation also offers a limited number of scholarships to current college students. Applications for summer scholarships are due each July.

Distribution Totals

With total assets exceeding $37.0 million, the Foundation awards grants and scholarships annually, and has distributed over $16 million since 1951. Contributions made to the Jay County community include:

Cumulative Grants
Arts & Culture$62,500$3,105,599
Community Development$77,476$3,223,125
Health & Human Services$58,769$1,489,912

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